How can digital transformation be embedded in Postal strategy?


Keeping up with the increased digital technology demands of your customers is ever-more important now but what specific challenges do Postal operators face in the continuously changing market?

The likes of Qatar Post, investment in technology is pivotal to their success. A core part of their digital strategy is an investment in technology and driving their investment in IT infrastructure to create fluid forms of communication for customers creating multi-channel solutions, taking a mobile-first approach is desired. The growing importance of data analysis is essential for providing the right information and value-added services for the customer.

Postal operators are being expected to incorporate end-to-end sustainability into their planning and integrate it into their strategic decision-making. Promoting new technology and operational processes are opening up new opportunities for businesses. Major software developments are enabling new options in fleet types to be explored, fundamentally reducing distances covered and enhancing delivery routes.

HypaShip continues to lead the way in terms of embracing technology developments, optimising every stage of sending and receiving mail and parcels. Our end-to-end platform supports innovation and changing initiatives and strategies, to allow full control of operations, advanced reporting, route optimisation and introduction of new services quickly and seamlessly. 

Creating specific emission reduction targets and combatting the significant costs of energy is a challenge that logistic companies are trying to overcome. The likes of Appel are adopting a strategic approach by offering a climate protection program to meet emission reduction targets, which entails carbon-neutral shipping and establishing shared networks with logistic companies.

Ongoing demand for speedy delivery:

Although the predominant focus is on meeting customers’ expectations for placing a high value on the environment, they still expect speedy delivery and a degree of immediacy, making the internet ever more important.

Overall, there is a level of optimism in terms of the outlook for the Postal market, with technology innovations expected to continue to transform practices and play a role in connecting post, parcel and delivery companies with their customers.

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July 2020