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Postal, Parcel and Logistics operators are under increasing pressure to reshape their delivery strategy. Transforming to meet needs such as rapid delivery measures, improve their competitive position, enhance customer experience and grow market share, this is where technology plays a pivotal role.

“Investment in technology will secure long term customer loyalty and operational readiness and operational systems that can deal with increasing demand. Our software is helping brands all over the world to transform their businesses”. Neil Gold, CEO and Founder.

Digital transformation, last-mile delivery and cross border eCommerce are among the top investment priorities for the industry if businesses want to ensure future growth. With so much to focus on, how can the industry meet customer expectations this year and beyond to reinvent its approach? What should you prioritise in 2022 as the customer profile rapidly evolves? How can the industry keep up with tremendous demand and high expectations?

The answer: a solid technology foundation. Businesses need to think clearly about their strategy to embrace technology. With this in mind, what are the top areas being prioritised to ensure solid growth?

Top technology trends and priorities for 2022 

1. Digital transformation is a topic high on the agenda for the industry to meet customers’ extensive expectations and optimise operations. HypaShip combines world-class innovative technology and industry knowledge, enabling organisations to manage every element of their business in a single platform.

2. Automation will be a focus for 73% of Posts over the next 12 months, followed by route optimisation at 72%. Automation will help manage the growing influx of parcels, in line with customer expectations for a seamless and fast delivery experience. Mobile robots are not yet commonly used by postal and parcel operators, but they are fast becoming an integral part of future parcel operations to improve productivity.

3. Big data – Businesses are turning to supply chain business intelligence, data and analytics to identify ways to improve the parcel delivery experience and uncover new ways to generate efficiencies. HypaShip’s BI & Analytics modules provide a true customer lifetime value with a powerful platform that drives real-time tracking, data analysis and performance. Find out more:

4. Self-service / POS – Posts and parcel operators will need to find innovative ways to integrate more digital and self-service technologies into their strategy. The aim should be to make it more convenient for customers, placing kiosks near places of work or where customers may be running other errands. Find out more:

5. eCommerce – By 2023, it is estimated that 50% of all eCommerce orders will be filled through local fulfilment that will require highly efficient route planning and optimisation to manage high volumes and hit critical time windows. Find out how you can shine in last-mile delivery here:

6. Sustainability – It is more important than ever to implement sustainable strategies and reduce the environmental footprint while optimising synergies between new and existing delivery models. Investing in technology, offering customer choice, and achieving sustainable goals are all available through the HypaShip Green solution.

7. On-demand delivery – Flexibility of delivery is a customer priority, and Covid-19 has led to a boom in home delivery volumes. On-demand delivery and in-flight changes will be increasingly important as consumers demand greater delivery flexibility.

In conclusion, it appears that investment in a Comprehensive Technology Strategy is a must and intelligent use of technology will help businesses thrive through competitive times. With the surge in eCommerce activity and heightened customer expectations, the last mile is absolutely critical to get right.

HypaShip’s powerful digital tools and smart technology helps businesses deliver for the future,  keeping operators ahead of the competition, streamlining all operations and powering up performance. Contact us to find out how we can help.


February 2022