Get real time logistics and supply chain management, visibility and driver operations from the Experts.

HypaShip - Our Technology, Your Way

HypaShip’s Mobilisation module delivers real time management, automation and visibility of collections, transit, deliveries and reverse logistics processes. Include single route and depot level, back office and on-device optimisation and orchestration.
Businesses are enabled to dynamically manage and seamlessly pivot between scheduled, ad-hoc, same day, point to point, crowdsourced courier/logistics routes and manage mobile payments. HypaShip’s powerful digital tools help businesses deliver.

HypaShip - Our Technology, Your Way

Talk to the experts to find out how HypaShip’s Mobilisation module can benefit the business.

Real Time Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Visibility & Driver Operations from the Experts.

Increased Courier Productivity & Vehicle Utilisation

Allow delivery agents to do more in less time with automation, visibility and predictability. Reduce operational cost and increase vehicle load utilisation by up to 35%.

Improved Real Time Visibility

Have real time visibility of last mile delivery operations in a warehouse, en-route, delivered or returned shipments gives operational clarity.  Keep stakeholders informed through multiple modes such as WhatsApp, SMS, email etc.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Improve efficiency in operations, reducing mileage and fuel consumption by up to 35% with powerful automation of the final mile delivery.

Reduced Emissions

Reduce the number of vehicles required and ensure the most efficient route of travel with route optimisation running at network, depot and route level. Reduce fleet-wide emissions realistically by making savings of 35%.


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Find out how HypaShip can help you today:

Crowd Courier & BYOD

HypaShip enables effective management of resource requirements and allows operators to scale up or down, dependent on need, without buying costly hardware, with Crowd Resourcing and Bring Your Own Device.

Helps leverage networks of ad-hoc couriers to deliver packages to customers’ doors and allows operators to choose resources, based on quality and provide a low-cost tool for driver recruitment.

Allows for onboarding and supports new drivers and carriers with an intuitive and easy-to-use app, without extra training.  HypaShip’s Crowd module allows potential drivers to sign up and be vetted online, utilising a mobile application similar to the Uber app.

Allows carriers to call on this resource as required, convert it from ad-hoc to regular resource and manage driver quality and salary payments, while also delivering the usual functionality of a driver handheld system.

Driver Management

HypaShip Mobilisation module delivers real time control and visibility over routes and gives drivers, postal workers and delivery agents the tools to succeed. A powerful and intuitive mobile app ensures that all the information a driver needs is at their fingertips.

Step-by-Step Process Management

The application updates the driver with all aspects of the delivery, from the parcel scanning, during vehicle loading right to the digital POD: photo, signature or scan.
Drivers receive updated information on traffic and tasks, allowing for last-minute communication and changes with the despatcher.


Reduction in distances driven


Reduction in fuel consumption and emissions


Increase in vehicle load utilisation

Talk to the experts to find out how HypaShip’s Mobilisation module can benefit the business.

Real Time Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Visibility & Driver Operations from the Experts.


Push information to the drivers in real time while collecting data from the field (damaged packages, proof of delivery, delays, real time location, etc.).

Automated Notifications

Transmit real time tracking and location updates to the operations screens and the final recipient (just like Uber), reducing the number of calls to drivers by 60%.

Real Time Data Transfer

Eliminate the need for a separate CRM, ERP or OMS. with an end-to-end platform.

Easy Integration

Integrate flexibly and automatically synchronise data with all types of systems to ensure the efficient digital transformation of delivery and logistics operations.

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