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Same Day, Point-to-Point and Crowd Logistics technology from HypaShip. Agile Delivery from the Experts. 

HypaShip - Our Technology, Your Way

HypaShip’s On-Demand and Same Day Delivery automation are powered by real-time location and resource availability based allocation technology. Utilise intelligent automation rules or manually assign tasks based on customer proximity, distance, required delivery time slots, among other parameters.

Modular or fully end-to-end, HypaShip’s agile technology includes delivery planning, optimisation and execution apps. Allowing real-time tracking of resources, in application payment management, deep-dive BI and analytics and customer invoicing based on distance travelled, time taken, service level achieved or any combination.

Reduce Operating Cost, Operate More Profitably, Gain Competitive Edge


Average reduction in distances driven


Less calls to


Reachable reduction in CO2 emissions per route


Increase in load utilisation


Operate several fleets, owned or outsourced, with different vehicles (trucks, vans, bicycles, e-scooters, etc.) and adjust delivery to local regulations and customer needs. Add, split or remove routes quickly and easily.
Customer Booking Portal

Better Use Of Resource ​

Reduce the distance travelled covered per route by up to 35% and help optimise the capacity available in each vehicle, increasing occupancy by 35% and reduce the number of vehicles/operatives needed with HypaShip’s dynamic optimisation algorithm.

Multi Channel

Optimise, Control & Reduce The Cost Of Your Deliveries

Combine route creation and optimisation, real-time tracking and status updates, making it easier to manage drivers and carriers. Together with other features, HypaShip’s all-in-one platform increases visibility and control over operations.

Analyse Efficiency

Continuous data collection guarantees complete and seamless monitoring of the entire delivery process in real-time and provides detailed insights into individual process steps and delivery operations. When analysed, this shows efficiencies and more importantly, deficiencies in current flows. This data, combined with AI algorithms, provides the key to improving network output.
  • Compare all factors which impact service quality.
  • Enable consistent process monitoring and the development of targeted measures with real-time reports.
  • Have visibility of detailed information on the delivery of shipments.
  • Monitor essential quality factors, such as delivery rate, complaints, returns and more.
  • See automated alerts and push notifications via SMS, email or app for critical events.
  • Compare performance, continuously: Comparability of company-own KPIs, external benchmarks and other analyses.
  • Export daily, weekly and monthly reports.
pudo returns management

Auto Allocation

Dynamic rules within the system to auto allocate jobs and push to the most relevant individual driver or group of drivers based on factors, such as closest distance, drivers within range from a collection point, vehicle and driver type or simply broadcast to all drivers within a geography. 

Once a job has been allocated, the simple graphical interface ensures that operations’ managers can see the progress of jobs in real-time, and customers can access up-to-the-minute tracking through web portals and consumer applications.


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