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HypaShip addresses the multiple challenges of continuously evolving market forces and complex IT infrastructures that are slow to change and cannot meet business requirements.

Industry Leading, Post, Parcel & Logistics Technology From The Experts

Ever imagined all of the logistics technology a business needs, in one place? HypaShip’s modular, end-to-end technology delivers just that, whether it be customer engagement tools, end-to-end transportation and operations, deep-dive analytics or financial management and reporting, there is every tool a Post, Parcel or Logistics business could need. HypaShip’s highly configurable enterprise logistics management technology suite is designed to serve all client needs using smart technology and BigData analytics.

4 Steps To Success

Built by the experts, for the experts. HypaShip’s industry expertise underpins its end-to-end technology and ensures its suite of products positively impacts every element of an operation.

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HypaShip Benefits The Whole Business



Understand better, control and direct a business by using BigData.


Automate and simplify processes to drive efficiency and consistency across a business.


Simplify the systems' landscape and control everything on a single, scalable and robust platform.


Understand the performance of a business in unparalleled detail. Use data to drive decisions and ensure targets are met.



Manage the style and content of customer communications, information and campaigns.



Design and quickly implement services to onboard new clients, providing them with the tools needed to be successful.


HypaShip’s founding to POC and initial customer acquisition


HypaShip obtains new market segments and gains clients such as APC Overnight and Jersey Post


HypaShip passes 250 million items per year


HypaShip launches customer operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific


HypaShip begins working with Asia Pacific Post Co-op


HypaShip passes 500 million items processed per year


HypaShip opens Asia Pacific HQ in Kuala Lumpur


HypaShip launches crowd logistics and mobility solutions

Industry Expertise

HypaShip is focused only on Post, Parcel and Logistics. The technology is built by industry experts who have worked
across all logistics’ modes. The result is a modular, robust and scalable solution designed for complex supply chains
and delivery networks.

Transportation Modes

Road, Air, Sea, Rail, Multi-modal & Intermodal.

Shipping Types

Post, Courier and Express Parcel (CEP), Logistics Service Providers (FTL/TLT; FCL/ LCL), pallet, cross-dock and hub & spoke.

Domestic And International Operations

Designed and built by Postal and Logistics industry experts, HypaShip delivers the tools to manage all domestic and international operations.

End-to-End Systems

HypaShip’s single platform eliminates data silos, enables real time visibility, and provides a holistic view of a business with unparalleled functionality. End-to-end systems enable Post, Parcel and Logistics Service Providers to make rapid and effective enhancements to product offerings, customer experiences and operational processes.

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Find out how HypaShip can help you today: