Customer Engagement

Engage easily with customers and provide them with an agile set of tools for booking, communication, data and analysis. Maximise capabilities intelligently, with the Experts.

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HypaShip’s Customer Engagement module supports multiple channels, while providing a seamless customer and user experience. It works across multiple platforms, on any device and across a wide variety of customer channels – including API’s, PUDO, web & mobile apps, uploads, integrations, kiosks and counter, increasing customer engagement, satisfaction and experience.


Improved Customer Engagement

Real Time Communication

Increased Customer Satisfaction

To see how the Customer Engagement module can positively impact customer satisfaction levels, book a demo today!

Order Management Tools

Enable the full suite of booking tools for customers to book collections and deliveries, wherever and whenever wanted.

Consumer Application

Empower consumers to
access services, and manage and pay for collections, duties and deliveries.

Intelligent Rules Engine

Automate service selection with dynamic and configurable rules with the flexibility to use any combination of criteria.


Manage returns, quickly and easily, directly on the customer site, treating returns as part of the entire customer experience.

Declarations, Duties & Taxes

Calculate and display rates and amounts for duties and taxes, and ensure compliance. Enable customers to pre-pay, to prevent unknown fees and reduce delays at delivery.

Real Time Tracking & Communication

Send customisable notifications to customers, including when the driver will arrive. Ensure customers have real-time visibility of their orders.

In-Transit Changes

Achieve the highest levels of OTIF delivery by giving customers the power to make changes whilst the goods are in transit.


Increase customer satisfaction with a suite of detailed reports and dashboards covering service, spend, exceptions and COD.

To see how the Customer Engagement module can positively impact customer satisfaction levels, book a demo today!

Key Highlights

Booking Tools

Book by web, API, CSV/Xls, eCommerce integration, mobile, terminal counter and PUDO. Have visibility of pricing and manage payments.

Data Driven Automation

Use intelligent rules engine to automate the process of volume shipping. Enhance automation further by creating order templates.

Reports & Analysis

Use analytics to deliver service data and tracking via an intuitive interface on mobile and web, or to embed it on the customer’s own website. Have visibility and accountability which are key to customers and consumers.


Setup and manage transit routes plus receptacle and container nesting. Ensure compliance with postal and commercial movements (as well as mixtures of both) for air, sea, road, rail, and multi-modal.


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