Simplify complex postal, logistics and delivery processes. Minimum effort, maximum visibility and mission critical know how from the Experts.

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HypaShip’s Operations module supports the entire logistics operation and manage complex postal and logistics processes. It ensures the ability to adapt and deliver on sophisticated requirements for multiple customers while increasing business efficiency, managing cost and delivering a world class service.

Key Highlights


Plan and execute and manage with minimum effort and maximum visibility.

Network Management

Manage the entire network with seamless workflows, including own operations and vendors. Scale dynamically to meet the business needs.

Reports & Analysis

View all mission critical information in one place. Reporting and dashboards cover order information, pending orders, service and operational performance.

Operations Management

Talk to the experts to find out how HypaShip’s Operations module can benefit the business. 

HypaShip – Modular End-to-End Technology from the Experts.

Routes &

Use a powerful set of tools, including integrated mobile navigation, route optimisation technology and back-office map visualisation tools. Monitor fleet-wide activity in real time and review driver performance to aid future planning.

Delivery & Collection Management

Have full visibility of collections and deliveries in real time. Plan scheduled collections and manage ad-hoc collections, including crowd logistics.


Setup and manage transit routes plus receptacle and container nesting. Ensure compliance with postal and commercial movements (as well as mixtures of both) for air, sea, road, rail, and multi-modal.

transit operation

Depot & Hub Operations

Be in control of collections, failed deliveries and money return with automated driver debriefs on return to the depot. Use wi-fi scanning to manage all incoming and outgoing items and a supervisor app to ensure 24/7 management visibility.

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Find out how HypaShip can help you today:

Finance Management

Talk to the experts to find out how HypaShip’s Operations module can benefit the business.

HypaShip – Modular End-to-End Technology from the Experts. 

Pricing &

Build, manage and understand rates in real time. Use pricing matrices to cover all variables for logistics, supply chain and postal charging. Helps to manage shipper behaviour and enhance revenues with dynamic surcharge setup and application.

Payment Management

Manage both credit and debit customers, billing cycles and payment terms. Support payment by card, mobile wallet, contactless, QR code and in-app payments. Allows the flexibility to charge customers in the format that suits them.


Vendor Management

Setup all vendors and agreed prices. Automatically validate vendor invoices and raise credit requests. Enables analysis of service performance against plan and report at every level.



Understand the full billing detail for both external and internal customers. Automatically generate and send invoices by email or traditional print. Ensures handoff of the data to accounting platforms seamlessly.

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