Introducing HypaShip Green

Drastic action is needed throughout the industry to deliver the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, set to be met by 2030.

Whilst significant changes have been made within the industry, more needs to be done in pursuit of a carbon-neutral logistics world. Global eCommerce has grown to hit $4.2 trillion and the online surge continues. Customers however are increasingly concerned about long-term environmental impact and expect more sustainable packaging and emission friendly vehicles for their home deliveries. In 2020, postal operators pursued their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, despite the disruptions and the increased volumes linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result, collective yearly CO2 emissions were reduced by 34% in 2020 compared to 2008.

The industry is facing transformational change to become green and more sustainable, whilst driving a positive customer service experience. Could technology be the solution?

Smart Green Delivery

HypaShip Green was launched in response to this demand, and offers cutting-edge technology to not only control the last mile but to enhance operational sustainability throughout the parcel life-cycle.  HypaShip Green is a new product suite geared toward green growth. Our technology delivers environmental goals supporting Green Postal Day objectives and integrating across all technology ecosystems.

Neil Gold, founder and CEO of HypaShip comments, “Logistics companies across the globe are trying to find sustainable solutions to make their operations eco-friendly. HypaShip Green not only supports green vehicle initiatives by reducing the number of vehicles on the road but also ensures they are better utilised, creating huge environmental and customer service benefits. Our technology supports the entire logistics operation, helping businesses achieve sustainable delivery goals, creating value for customers and ultimately making businesses greener.”

Key benefits include:

  1. Reduction in driven miles: Increased vehicle utilisation and route optimisation reduce the amount of fuel burned and associated emissions by up to 30%, helping fleets to meet CSR objectives.
  2. Reduced vehicles on the road: Increased vehicle utilisation and smarter route planning help to reduce the number of vehicles despatched.
  3. In-flight changes: HypaShip provides customers with the facility to conveniently change their delivery details and leave-safe instructions, increasing first time delivery success as well as customer satisfaction.
  4. PUDO modules: HypaShipallow third party partners to offer post and logistics related goods and services to consumers who visit their store, reducing driven miles.
  5. Locker Solutions: HypaShip supportsthe demand for convenient locker delivery and collections, offering customers sustainable and convenient choices.
  6. Increased OTIF success rates: From beginning to end of the parcel life cycle, the HypaShip modules drive significant increases in On Time in Full (OTIF) rates, helping to improve environmental efficiencies.

Neil Gold continues: “The challenge now is for businesses to make sure their sustainability goals are actually achievable, considering the impact on operations, consumer needs and the economic reality. Transforming operations, creating alternative solutions and utilising smart technology is the next step forward for the Postal, Parcel and Logistics industry to ensure a greener future.”

HypaShip utilises its expertise to make your Postal, Parcel and Logistics operations greener and more sustainable, giving you an edge over the competition, whilst reducing the environmental impact of your supply chain.

Get in touch today to find out how HypaShip Green can benefit your business.

September 2022