Top 5 Tech-Takeaways

Digital Twins in Logistics

Are you future-proofing your services?  

The past few months have proven that Postal services are essential in modern times. Global Posts have embraced change, stood strong and looked to the future to create solutions to meet new demands. The industry has proven its flexibility in terms of the ability to adapt and tackle the surging demand for delivery. With customers not being able to access shops, they have turned to ordering goods online, resulting in significantly increased deliveries during the peak of the pandemic.

Whilst we are hoping to return to normal life, customer behaviour has changed. Experienced e-commerce shoppers are spending more, and novice shoppers are entering the online shopping world for the first time. It’s great to see the industry looking ahead positively; diversifying its services to drive parcel delivery growth.

Are you keeping up to date with the latest technology and consumer demands?

HypaShip’s top 5 takeaways to consider for your business:

1. The era of hyper-collaboration – Customer expectations have been significantly reshaped, involving a growing need for collaboration between stakeholders and their services. Connecting and collaborating networks with speed, scale, and sustainability is forming a key driver for change in the industry. What are you doing to reshape your strategy to meet customer demand?

2. Next-generation wireless technology – There has been a significant amount of talk surrounding how such technology can support the logistics sector to improve visibility, enhance operational efficiency and accelerate automation. There is no surprise that technology plays a key role in transforming businesses and driving the move towards ubiquitous wireless communication systems.

3. Contactless delivery methods – A shift toward contactless delivery has led to the introduction of innovative delivery methods, such as contactless parcel lockers. In the UK there are plans to deploy 35,000 parcel lockers in 500 new locations in the coming months. In-car delivery is being piloted and expected to be introduced by automobile companies. This service is already available on Volkswagen connected car models, whereby Hermes provides a one-time access code to open the car. Contactless apps continue to be developed, providing proof of delivery during the pandemic.

4. Robot deliveries – This has been a hot topic during the summer. There has been a surge in interest around robot deliveries since the pandemic began. Will robots form part of your future strategy?

5. Warehouse robotics– Autonomous sorting solutions are high on the agenda for many companies right now, helping to cut costs, improve efficiency levels and remove pressure on warehouse staff. Are they part of your future plan?

The future is looking optimistic for Posts and carriers that are looking to embrace the latest technology. With a growing need to stand out in the market, it’s a good time to be aware of the changing consumer and adapt to the latest technology.

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April 2020