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Why HypaShip?

HypaShip is an enterprise-class Delivery Management Solution.

We operate in four main vertical markets; Postal Operators, Commercial Carriers, 3PLs and Large Shippers.

For Postal Operators, we have an industry leading solution that enables you to compete favourably on a local, regional and global basis.

For Commercial Carriers, we provide you with a complete solution that is fully integrated with your entire shipment infrastructure to improve your agility as a business, improve the service you provide to your customers and to maximise revenue and margins.

For 3PLs, we combine the features of both large shippers and commercial carriers to offer a solution that allows you to keep adding value to your clients whilst enhancing the bottom line.

For Large Shippers, we provide you with the fully integrated solution you need to give your customers a fantastic buying experience from the moment they start the checkout process right through to delivery and beyond.

HypaShip -
A Short History

A young company making a big impact

We’re born as DataPlug Ltd

Clients including The Body Shop, and Eriks come on board

New trading name HypaShip and continued growth

HypaShip enters new market segments with the acquisition of key-stone clients such as: APC Overnight and Jersey Post

HypaShip passes another milestone, processing 250 million labels annually for the first time

HypaShip launches customer operations in North America, Europe & Asia Pacific

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