About us

HypaShip addresses the dual challenge of continuously evolving market forces, and complex IT infrastructures that are slow to change and cannot meet business requirements. ​

Industry leading, post, parcel & logistics technology from the experts

Ever imagined all of the technology your business needs in one place? Our modular, end-to-end technology delivers just that, whether it be customer engagements tools, end-to-end transportation and operations or deep-dive analytics, financial management and reporting, Hypaship has every tool your  Post, Parcel or Logistics business could need. 

HypaShips highly configurable enterprise logistics management technology suite is designed to serve all client needs using smart technology and big data analytics. 

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Real-time logistics & supply chain management, visibility & driver operations from the experts.

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Use BigData to better understand, control and direct the business.​


Use BigData to better understand, control and direct the business.


Simplify the systems landscape. Control everything on a single, scalable, robust system.


Automate and simplify processes to drive efficiency and consistency across the business.



Automate and simplify processes to drive efficiency and consistency across the business.​



Simplify the systems landscape. Control everything on a single, scalable, robust system.​

Our History


We’re born as DataPlug Ltd.​


Clients including The Body Shop, and Eriks come on board.


New trading name HypaShip and continued growth.


HypaShip enters new market segments with the acquisition of key-stone clients such as: APC Overnight and Jersey Post.


HypaShip passes another milestone, processing 250 million labels annually for the first time.


HypaShip launches customer operations in North America, Europe & Asia Pacific annually for the first time.

Why HypaShip?

Team Members

Industry expertise

HypaShip is focussed only on Post, Parcel and Logistics. The technology is built by industry experts who have worked across all logistics modes. The result is a modular, robust and scalable solution designed for complex supply chains and delivery networks.

Transportation Modes

Road, air, sea, rail, multimodal & intermodal.


Shipping types ​

Post, courier and express parcel (CEP), logistics service providers (FTL/TLT; FCL/ LCL), pallet, cross, dock, hub and spoke.​

Domestic and International Operations

Multi-currency and multi-language, ready HypaShip ensurance compliance with the latest customs regulations and migrates international shipping risks.

Our pedigree

Founding Year
1 +
Million Orders per Year
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End-to-end systems

End-to-end systems enable Post, Parcel and Logistics Service Providers to make rapid and effective enhancements to product offerings, customer experience, and operational processes. This approach not only reduces the costs and delays associated with having multiple tech vendors; but also means that there is no dependency on other suppliers for functionality or support. Each element of the business can see and do exactly what they need to, on one centralised system, driving market leading service.

Agile and flexible

The one platform where it all comes together

Intuitive and agile, the system has been built to support on screen configuration and changes throughout.

HypaShip enables customers, vendors and operators to collaborate using one platform, giving them complete visibility and control of their shipping operations.

Client centric

Fast and agile both in implementation of new development of new software. Tailored approach that aligns with customer business objectives.

Exceptional customer service standards and strong brand reputation.

Making it work for you

HypaShip has designed and built customer journeys with major retailers, national posts and international carriers, working with their teams to understand their business. A 4-step approach to every project ensures that HypaShip delivers on time, to cost and with the maximum impact.

Deep dive

Running a comprehensive program to understand clients’ current proposition, business processes and assess effectiveness.​

Configure & customise​

Working with key stakeholders to map customer and operational journeys, using the tech to make it happen.​


Rolling out the solution across
touchpoints and tracking
every step.​

Training &

In-life training and support ensures teams are always as effective as possible.​