Wherever You Sell


We integrate with the market leading shopping carts and marketplaces. You’ll never need to copy and paste again. Now you can import, manage and print your shipping labels at the click of a button!

Whoever You Ship With

Keep your carriers and add new ones whenever you want. We’re integrated with over 35 carriers across the UK, US and Europe, so we can handle all of your shipping label requirements.

Automate Everything    

Import, allocate and print labels at the click of a button. Set rules so orders are automatically assigned to the carrier you want every time.

Validate Carrier Invoices

Have your invoices checked automatically and raise claims for mischarged or unsent items without having to spend hours pouring over invoices.

See Everything

Oversee all your deliveries from our orders dashboard. Monitor everything from delivery status to carrier performance on the metrics that matter to you.

Track & Sell More

Get more sales! Let your customers do all of their tracking on your website – no matter which carriers you’ve used.

Hassle-Free Returns 

Make returns super easy for you and your customer with our returns portal on your site. Give your customers more choice or simply send them pre-paid returns labels to keep their loyalty.

Calculate Duty and Taxes

Things get complicated when you cross borders – different countries have different rules on what can and can’t be sent and different rates of duty and taxes. With HypaShip, we can calculate the full duty and tax that will be due. You can either inform your international customers of these – or collect them up front – preventing any nasty surprises on delivery.





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Sales Channel & Software


Track an item

HypaShip provides a solution to allow customers to host a tracking facility on their own website, by means of a tracking widget.

These must all be included in the same HTML page as the code section transcribed above.
1 To incorporate the widget on your own site, include the following code in your HTML, substituting your own
account number (shown here as 98765).
You can find your account number from the Account Identification section of the My Account page.
2 You will need to incorporate the following two DIV elements; the first to contain the search widget code
3 and the second to contain its output: code
4 A CSS link must also be included within the HEA D tags, in addition to any existing CSS reference your page
may use:


To track the status of a consignment, visitors to your site can enter the consignment number in the input field provided and press ‘Track’.
Tracking information will be displayed in the following form:


  1. Pickup Request
  2. Pickup
  3. Transit
  4. Delivery

15/05/2013 10:23:23 N/A SYSTEM PAID

Note that your users must have Javascript enabled in their browser for this to work – however, this will be the case by default for every major operating system and browser combination.


Product videos

In this series of videos, we show you how to use HypaShip to manage your deliveries more quickly
and efficiently.

  • How to Key Enter Orders
  • How to Create Dataplugs
  • How to Upload Files Manually
  • How to Schedule Uploads

Case Studies


The Body Shop uses the HypaShip system in its European and North American warehouses for all its worldwide ecommerce distribution.


“We have used the HypaShip multi-carrier labelling and technical support services at The Body Shop for several years in support of our ecommerce channels. During this time we have added complexity and scale and at all times they have proven to be an agile and proactive partner who has continually delivered projects on time and within the agreed budget. The system has evolved greatly during our business relationship and provides the flexibility and functionality shippers demand from their multi-carrier software solutions. The benefits to our business have been wide ranging. We fully anticipate continuing the relationship and working collaboratively to grow and evolve to meet the future needs of our ecommerce channels.”

Nick Hook
International Transportation Manager
(EMEA) The Body Shop International PLC


Eriks is a multi-billion pound leading industrial services company. The HypaShip system is used in over 300 sites in the UK.

“The system enables ERIKS UK to use multiple transport carriers to optimise both service and cost whilst enjoying the simplicity of working with one system.   It provides both built-in contingency planning and the flexibility to change carriers without operational disruption.  The system has a powerful rules engine that lets us automatically determine the most appropriate carrier and service, eliminating any manual decision making or need for coding on our own systems. The system also provides a single source for tracking orders and checking PODs, eliminating the need to check different carrier sites and thereby simplifying customer services.   The  carrier service reporting generates independent delivery performance reports and has proven a valuable tool in identifying and resolving service issues that had not previously been visible.  The system also provides excellent tools to maintain and manage both prices to customers and  charges from the carriers.  Support throughout the implementation has been fast and friendly, and we see the system as a critical part of our distribution strategy. “

Peter Timbrell
Logistics Director
ERIKS UK, Industrial Distribution



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HypaShip only charges you for what you use.

Give us a call today so that our implementation experts can give you an exact quote making sure that you only pay for what you need and will use.


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var _DP_WTRACK_PREFIX = 'intelliship';
var _DP_WTRACK_PROVIDER_URL = 'https://intelliship.dataplug.com/';
var _DP_ACCOUNT_NUMBER = 98765; // My Account > Account Number from application !
(function() {
var script = document.createElement('script');
script.type = 'text/javascript';
script.async = true;
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