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A system that allows you to operate in any country, in any language, time zone and currency. But if you only want to ship from in the UK it will still calculate the duty in real time.

Your DMS software should help give you the ability to sell to anyone, anywhere at any time in any currency or at the very least calculate the import duty that would be payable by the customer to get the order delivered to them.

Imagine how frustrating it must be to order that latest must-have item, be kept updated through the dispatch and delivery process, only to get a demand from the local customs/broker/carrier to pay import duty before the goods will be delivered. Your future international customers will be pleased to know there is a better way.

With HypaShip, the import duty for each international is calculated in real time with the results going back to the website whilst the customer is still at the checkout stage. You can choose whether to display the duty as a separate charge or bundle it into an overall “delivered” charge.

This method of showing the charges up front allows greater transparency and is an enabler to greater customer retention.

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