Your Customer Messaging

Your Customer Messaging

Keep your customers informed about their deliveries with our tracking widget and automatic, configurable text and email notifications. Increase traffic to your website by allowing your customers to track their items directly on your site.

Your DMS software should enable you to provide the right messaging to the right customer at the right time. Ideally, it should do this without the customer having to leave the carefully crafted digital environment you have created for them.

If you are frustrated by having to rely on generic carrier SMS messages to your customers, then your customers having to revert to a carrier website to get the information they are looking for, you are compromising on the service you are offering your customers.

Maybe it’s time to take control.

With HypaShip, you have the ability to configure the appropriate messaging for your customers when you want, how you want, at no cost. This can be done in such a way that the customer never has to leave your digital environment, assisting with retention, upselling and marketing.

Some of things our customers can configure include;

  • SMS and e-mail messaging linked to positive scan events
  • SMS and e-mail messaging linked to a lack of positive scan events
  • Tracking links that direct the customer back to your website or App
  • Ability to divert or return the order from the configured message

Imagine what that could do for your online customer experience and satisfaction scoring.


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