Sometimes you need to go the extra mile. A special customer, a special product, service recovery or just looking to surprise and delight!

Your CMS software should give you the ability to tailor the delivery experience as much as you can to ensure you make the most of the carriers and services available.

If you are frustrated by having to make wholesale changes to get individual results or even being unable to personalise the delivery experience due to cost constraints, you will be pleased to know there is a better way.

With HypaShip, you can configure specific rules for an individual customer or groups of customers without compromising the overall cost/service mix the rest of your customers are managed by.

HypaShip customers can use this to;

  • Upgrade to a premium service for high value customers
  • Show a different range of carrier services available to first time customers
  • Offer only high security services to customers with high claims / refund rates
  • Promote click and collect services to customers with repeat carded deliveries
  • Offer “leave safe” or letterbox services where appropriate
  • Offer nominated person delivery option for surprise gifts

Imagine what that could do for your customer experience.

Take Control with HypaShip