Configurable reporting that covers both live operations and retrospective performance, quality and budgetary measures.

In addition to a fully featured configurable MI suite, your CMS software should enable you to have visibility of any delivery that has the potential to fail its service promise.

If you are frustrated by having to rely on customer calls, feedback and retrospective service reports to identify failure, you are compromising on the service you are offering your customers.

Maybe it’s time to take control.

Some of things our customers can identify and potentially recover include;

  • Any orders not loaded to trailer
  • Any orders not collected from drop-ship vendors
  • Any orders not unloaded at the carriers hub
  • Any orders not left the carriers hub
  • Any orders not left the carriers delivery depot
  • Any orders not delivered yet
  • Any orders that have been “carded”
  • Any orders held at delivery depot and not gone out for re-delivery

With HypaShip, you have the ability to set up reporting that is run at the optimum time of day to identify any delivery that is likely to fail. This allows you the best opportunity to work with your operational and customer service colleagues, and your carrier(s) to recover the potential issue and restore service to your customer. If that is not possible it allows pro-active communication (link to “your customer messaging”) to the customer, taking the initiative and dealing with the situation.

Imagine what that could do for your online customer experience and satisfaction scoring.

Take Control with HypaShip