Transforming customer engagement, operations and finance in the parcels and pallets logistics market

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Fully Integrated Solution That Puts You In Control

We provide you with a complete solution to improve your agility as a business, the service you provide to your customers and to maximise revenue and margins.

No longer will you have to manage several disparate systems, many of them provided by different vendors, distributed across your business. We provide a complete solution that puts you in control of giving your customers the best possible service, while reducing your costs and allowing you to react more quickly to the changing demands of your markets.

Network Management

Manage and react dynamically to market changes with our network management suite. Control your network and services dynamically on screen.

Depot Operations

Manage every aspect of your collection and delivery operation with our powerful and extensive depot operations capability.

PUDO / Returns Management

React to inflight changes and make returns customer friendly by working with any number of alternative delivery/returns providers through one easy to use interface.

Customer Engagement Tools

All the tools and automation your customers need to book and manage their deliveries worldwide, whatever their location or size or business. Includes booking portals, web booking and mobile apps.

Customer Management

Set up new customers and rates in minutes. Manage customers’ services and expectations proactively.


Easy to use rate charts and dynamic surcharging to bill and invoice your customers. Validate your supplier invoices for true control of your costs.

Claims Management

Take the hassle out of managing claims. Our automated online claims service allows your customers to share the information you need and see the progress of any claim.

Tracking and Notifications

Keep your customers informed about their deliveries with text and email notifications allowing them to make in-flight changes.

HypaShip Deliver - Mobility Solution

Manage all of the aspects of your collection and delivery processes with Deliver. Our Android app is easy to deploy, offers in-built route optimisation and turn by turn navigation. Supports a variety of hardware including rugged devices and mobile phones. Deliver manages cash on delivery supported by our industry leading payment and revenue protection systems.

Giving you the competitive edge

Flexibility and agility are the cornerstones of our solution

We understand just how competitive the carrier market can be and how critical it is for you to have the agility to rapidly adapt to the changing demands of your customers and markets. Our solution gives you the flexibility and control you need to deeply understand your business and proactively ensure you are providing the most competitive offering possible.


  • Add, change and manage services in seconds
  • Fully manage and support your depots
  • Proactively support your customers’ needs
  • Manage your entire network and services in one fully integrated solution
  • Control your own network as-well as partner carriers


Improve your customer service

Delight your customers at every possible opportunity

We know that one of the keys to maximising your revenues is providing the best possible service to your customers. Our solution ensures you have the right shipping solution for your worldwide customers at the right time and at the right price.


  • Proactive customer service
  • Intelligent workflow and system control
  • 100% compliance
  • Improved billing accuracy
  • Efficient workflow driven by configurable technology
  • Scan-based messaging driven by on-screen rules
  • In-flight changes to delight customers

Reduce your costs

Your bottom line is our top line

Working in such a competitive market, it is absolutely critical that the solutions you adopt allow you to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost to your business. Our fully integrated solution – which usually costs up to 50% less than our clients’ existing platforms – allows you to ensure your business is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.


  • Fully configurable pricing to meet the needs of your sales teams and clients
  • Complete management information at every stage
  • Dynamic surcharging
  • Service excellence driven by technology

We put the power back in your hands

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