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Data from your parcel carriers and your own fleet, together on HypaShip

Regardless of which vertical sectors you operate in, if you provide contract logistics or shared user services, open or closed book, single service line or multi-modal operations, you have ONE over-riding challenge;


Enter Hypaship for 3PL’s, the industries leading delivery management software that enables you to take control and create an optimised customer delivery experience for your clients’ customers.

Network Management

Manage and react dynamically to market changes with our network management suite. Control your network and services dynamically on screen.

Depot Operations

Manage every aspect of your collection and delivery operation with our powerful and extensive depot operations capability.

PUDO / Returns Management

React to inflight changes and make returns customer friendly by working with any number of alternative delivery/returns providers through one easy to use interface.

Carrier Management

Oversee all aspects of your delivery service, including full carrier performance analysis. Compare prices of all services from a single dashboard or automatically allocate items to different carriers using our advanced rule-based logic.

HypaShip Deliver - Mobility Solution

Manage all of the aspects of your collection and delivery processes with Deliver. Our Android app is easy to deploy, offers in-built route optimisation and turn by turn navigation. Supports a variety of hardware including rugged devices and mobile phones. Deliver manages cash on delivery supported by our industry leading payment and revenue protection systems.

Customer Booking Portal

All the tools and automation your customers need to book and manage their deliveries worldwide, whatever their location, size or business.

Customer Management

Set up new customers and rates in minutes. Manage customers’ services and expectations proactively.


Easy to use rate charts and dynamic surcharging to bill and invoice your customers. Validate your supplier invoices for true control of your costs.

Claims Management

Take the hassle out of managing claims. Our automated online claims service allows your customers to share the information you need and see the progress of any claim.

Your Customer Messaging

Keep your customers informed about their deliveries with our tracking widget and automatic, configurable text and email notifications. Increase traffic to your website by allowing your customers to track their items directly on your site.

Giving you the competitive edge

Flexibility and agility are the cornerstones of our solution

We know how important customer loyalty is to your business. We put the power back in your hands to ensure you can quickly and easily react to market changes and always have the right shipping solution for your worldwide customers at the right time and at the right price. 

To give you an idea of how flexible and agile our solution is, you can, for example:


  • Set your own allocation rules in seconds
  • Add new territories in seconds
  • Add new services for existing carriers in seconds
  • Configure existing carriers in minutes
  • Add a completely new carrier in less than 2 weeks

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers at every possible opportunity

Our solution empowers you to give your customers the best possible buying experience from their shopping cart to their doorstep and beyond. By using our solution you can ensure that you are maximising your revenue at every stage of the process.


  • Reduce shopping cart abandonments and empower customers to make the right delivery choice.
  • Provide proactive customer engagement and support
  • Completely streamline your returns process
  • Onsite tracking to increase re-purchases
  • Power your own fleet deliveries with the same technology

Reduce your costs

Your bottom line is our top line

As every retailer knows, every pound you save goes straight to your bottom line profit. Our solution enables you to ensure that you give your clients the best possible service at the lowest cost to your business.


  • Automatic validation and reconciliation of every single carrier invoice
  • Extensive management reporting on carrier performance
  • Full identification of service credits
  • Streamline your warehouse operations
  • Improve your customer service efficiency
  • Dynamic rules to allocate the right carrier

We put the power back in your hands

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