Carrier invoice validation

Manage all your carrier’s invoices on one dashboard. Our automatic auditing solution validates every consignment on every invoice, informing you of any discrepancies and exporting data for credit note request purposes.

Your CMS software should enable you to have visibility of any charge that is not as agreed with your carriers.

If you are frustrated by having to spend any time or money on checking your carrier invoices in detail when you could be making the same investment in a better customer experience, you will be pleased to know there is a more efficient way.

With HypaShip, all that detail analysis and checking is done for you. Even the exporting of data for credit note request purposes is a included as standard, saving you further time and money.

Not only does HypaShip check that the absolute charging is line with your agreed rates, it will also identify any delivery that didn’t meet its service promise and export the data enabling you to raise a credit note request for that too.

Imagine how much time and money you could save with the invoice validation feature of our system.

In credits alone, some HypaShip clients have received up to 5% back on their original annual invoiced values.

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