100% Easy Self-Configuration

100% Easy Self-Configuration

Change anything at any time, easily, with absolutely no cost, no requests to your IT department and most importantly, no delays.

Your CMS software should enable you to provide the right service to the right customer at the right time and price.

If you are frustrated by having to request a change from your CMS provider or contact your IT team whenever you want to change something, you are being constrained by your system and you are compromising on the service you are offering your customers.

Maybe it’s time to take control.

With HypaShip, you have the ability to change what you want, when you want, at no cost.

Imagine what that could do for your customer experience, disaster recovery capability and cost control.

Some of things our customers can change include;

  • Adding any service in their current carriers portfolio to the range of selectable options
  • Applying an upper value limit to a particular service
  • The sequence that rules are applied to every order or groups of orders
  • Making specific services available for promotions and/or projects
  • Applying a completely different carrier based on individual customer preferences / experiences
  • Weight and size limits
  • Capacity limits for particular carriers and geographies

Take Control with HypaShip

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